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Welcome to the OSM Training Session.  This session will give you an opportunity to explore, learn, and apply best practices for e-learning while working in an online learning environment.  Moodlerooms is an excellent learning management system (LMS) with Moodle at the core.  Moodlerooms incorporates a wide variety of tools to support student learning. You will have the opportunity to explore these tools while achieving the learning outcomes for the OSM course. The estimated time for completion is four hours. Completion date for this session is December 31.

Distance learning continues to play a significant role in how we educate students. Based on best practices, this online course provides an overview of important concepts, issues, and strategies related to distance education. Practitioners will gain hands-on experience navigating an online course while learning key concepts related to developing and delivering courses at a distance. A wide variety of resources and tools are provided in the course for added support. With successful completion of the course, students will print a Certificate of Completion. Estimated time for completion: 15-20 hours.

ED 589 Reading Rooms--This online course provides students an opportunity to strengthen their professional knowledge through the reading and reflective analysis of an approved education book. Each student may select a book title recommended from the Reading Rooms Library or seek permission from the instructor to read a book of their choice related to educational topics. Students are required to complete several activities including a book review and paper as well as participating in an online community forum.  The course must be completed within four weeks.  

This Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) online course will focus on locating and utilizing grade-level appropriate classroom resources for teaching the new PFL standards. This class will not only help you successfully navigate the many PFL teaching resources and lesson plans, but will also help you learn best practices for using PFL resources in your classroom, including ways to align curriculum with the new PFL expectations. With successful completion of the course, students will print a Certificate of Completion. For an additional amount ($55), students may register for Adams State University GRADUATE credit (ED 589 or BUS 589, 1 SCH). Estimated time for completion: 15-20 hours (4 weeks).